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Turkey Lawyers

Turkey Lawyers

Advocacy is recognized as a public service and self-employment in Turkey. Lawyers are the founding elements of the judiciary, such as judges and prosecutors, and freely represent independent defense. As a rule, independent lawyers can work in state institutions and private enterprises in Turkey.

Legal profession in Turkey was established in 1876 to help foreigners.

Purpose of Advocacy

The aim of lawyers in Turkey; to ensure the regulation of legal relations, the solution of all kinds of legal events and disputes in accordance with justice and equity, and the full implementation of legal rules before judicial bodies, arbitrators, official and private persons, boards and institutions. By this purpose, the lawyer allocates his legal knowledge and experience to the justice service and to the benefit of individuals. Judicial bodies, law enforcement agencies, other public institutions and organizations, state economic enterprises, private and public banks, notaries, insurance companies and foundations are obliged to assist lawyers in the performance of their duties. Without prejudice to the special provisions of their laws, these institutions are obliged to submit the information and documents required by the lawyer for examination. In order to take samples from these documents, the lawyer must present a power of attorney.

Advocacy Legislation

Attorney admitted to the professional, avukatlıkl incompatible ban states, trainee lawyers, lawyer's rights and duties, bar associations and Turkey Bar Association, disciplinary action and punishment of lawyers, issues such as attorneyLaw Act and is regulated by Regulation issued pursuant to this Act.

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