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Turkey Law Firms

Turkey Law Firms

A law firm is a business organization established by one or more lawyers and attorneys to participate in legal practice. The primary service provided by a law firm is to advise clients (individuals or organizations) about their legal rights and responsibilities, representing clients in civil or criminal law, business transactions and other matters where legal advice and other assistance is sought.

The concept of rule of law has become extremely important. The rule of law also means that every citizen can be the interlocutor of the law. So nobody can be privileged. This idea means that especially rulers are below the law and nobody and no institution is above the law.

Although the concept of the rule of law is widely used by politicians, judges and academics, it is also claimed that the concept is extremely difficult to understand. The rule of law can be conceptually expressed in two approaches: formal ("thin") and essential ("bold"). The currently accepted approach is the real rule of law (right / justice). The normative and formalist understanding is opposed.

the current situation in the Republic of Turkey, is very similar to the practice in the US. All elected members of parliament, and therefore ministers, take an oath in parliament for the 'rule of law'. This oath represents the rule of law and the acceptance that law is superior to all individuals. At the same time, the requirement that all legal changes made by the legislature be approved by the Constitutional Court also means that the legislative process is supervised by the Judiciary and prevents the taking place of a provision unconstitutional. The duties of the Constitutional Court are again defined by the Constitution.

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