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Turkey Law Enforcement

In accordance with Article 9 of the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey "Jurisdiction, on behalf of the Turkish nation exercised by independent and impartial courts." However, except for some decisive provisions in the Law on the Establishment, Duties and Powers of Judicial Courts of First Instance and Regional Courts of Justice, no comprehensive and general legal regulation determining the duties and powers of the entire judicial organization has been made. Today the judiciary is not available in the Republic of Turkey,

  • Judicial Courts
  • Administrative Jurisdiction Courts
  • High Courts

It was arranged to be.

Criminal courts

of first instance in Turkey, is one of the criminal court in the judicial branch is located in Turkey. It is named with the name of the province or district where they are located. They can be established and numbered more than once according to the number of needs. (For example, Ankara 1st Criminal Court of First Instance, Beyoğlu 2nd Criminal Court of First Instance.) It is one of the courts with one judge. A clerk of the minutes and a public prosecutor must be present at hearings.

There is at least

one court of first instance in charge in each province and district. in the first instance criminal court in Turkey, without prejudice to the case where the law also makes officers, magistrates and criminal trial courts except the tasks and assess penalties by the courts of first instance to work. Crimes in special or general criminal laws that contain a penal provision, which are not specified which court is responsible for, are heard in the criminal courts of first instance.

The jurisdiction where the criminal courts of first instance are in charge are the provincial center and districts where they are established and the administrative borders of the districts connected to them judicially. The Council of Judges and Prosecutors shall decide, upon the recommendation of the Ministry of Justice, to abolish a criminal court of first instance or to change the judicial district, taking into account the geographical situation and workload.

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