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When it comes to legal support services to ensure you find lawyers in every province of Turkey, our vermekteyiz.profesyonel staff; provides services in health law attorney, inheritance lawyer, labor law attorney, internet crime lawyer, medical law attorney, criminal lawyer, divorce lawyer, IT lawyer and all other specialties.

There is no difference between consultancy service provided online by video or voice call and face-to-face consultancy service. With the development of technology, it has been made possible to provide consultancy services to people who are abroad or who do not have time without the need to come to the office. Thus, thanks to technology, it has become possible to provide detailed information about legal problems in a fast and reliable manner.

In the consultancy service, no lawyer-client relationship is established between the parties. Proxy relationship is only possible by issuing a power of attorney on behalf of the lawyer through a notary. With the consultancy service, only answers to legal problems will be given and detailed information will be given about the process.

Information shared on legal problems will be kept confidential under the lawyer's obligation to keep confidential. The lawyer will never share the information he has obtained under the name of consultancy service with third parties in accordance with both the law and professional ethics.

The person who receives consultancy service should be informed about the legal process, what rights he / she has and what he / she can request in detail. By taking legal services professionally, legal losses that may arise in the future will be prevented and legal awareness will be provided. The consultancy service provided does not constitute legal advice. People who do not have time or who are outside the country will become aware of the online lawyer questioning service by taking consultancy services in this way.

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