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Requirements to File a Lawsuit

To the authorized channels created in order to resolve the transactions regarding the insolvency of any legal problem; It consists of courts regulated by law. The proceedings carried out at the court are continued under the name of lawsuit. The question of how to open a lawsuit or what are the ways to be followed during the litigation process confuses many people in need. The filing time of the lawsuit is very important in order not to expire the transaction or to drop the case during the trial.

The documents required to file a lawsuit can initially be presented as the petition of the victim. It is seen as a cause of lawsuit that a transaction has caused damage to at least one person during or after the transaction. But here, even if the distinction is intentional or involuntary, it is essential to eliminate the unjust treatment.

How to Open a Case?

How to open a lawsuit is one of the issues on the agenda of many victims or right holders. To explain briefly; It is a right to file a lawsuit in court in cases that do not exceed the period of filing the case and cause the occurrence of any damage. But for the correct and effective use of this right; The justice system has been built in an orderly and hierarchical structure. Therefore, before filing a lawsuit, the subject of the case is very important for the court where the case will be heard. If there is a deliberate and unintentional damage to another person due to any situation; this case is heard in the Civil Courts of First Instance.

The documents required to file a lawsuit may vary depending on the subject of the case. But basically, a petition or a claim form can be considered as the first step to filing a lawsuit. With the petition prepared, the first step of filing a lawsuit is realized with the acceptance of the prosecutor. Since the documents required during the trial process will be in the nature of evidence or proof, they are requested by the relevant court. All these created documents are collected in the case file and the trial stage of the case is started.

How Many Days To Open The Case

Another criterion for the processing of the case is that the case should not have expired. The timeout periods vary according to the verbs. After the petition is filed, the time-out stops and does not work during the court. Therefore, starting the proceedings as an expert opinion about the transaction subject to the lawsuit prevents the confusion that may occur during the trial period.

Documents Required to File a Lawsuit

The documents required to file a lawsuit are the identity of the country of citizenship and a document proving that he is himself. On the basis of the identity information, a lawsuit petition with information on the subject is created. The case petition is submitted to the prosecutor's office for investigation and the court file is opened here. The case file is prepared with the necessary documents in line with the requests and demands of the authorized institutions and persons, and is prepared until the day of the court.

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